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     When hiring us you can relax and be assured we take all precautions that you family and friends wll have a fun, amazing experience. Safety is our #1 priority.

     All of our Ovation Staff are trained on set up of each inflatable and how to clean each unit.  If you have a question please don’t hesitate to call 516 334 9090. Please before we deliver your rental unit Please make sure the area is clean of debris.
Also if the unit is going to be on a hard surface please inform us so we can bring the proper weights to secure unit.



1.Choose a flat surface on a grassy are away from ELECTRICL METERS and far away from inground or above ground pools.

2.The area you are providing from us must be clean and free of any debris, toys, bicycles, twigs, branches and dog items.

3.Make sure all electrical wires are away from any INFLATABLE, BOUNCE, or WATER SLIDE/SLIDE.

4.Confirm and check to see if you have an electrical source to plug in. All inflatables, bouncers, slides need POWER. If you don’t have the necessary electrical. We can provide a generator at an extra cost.

5.Please turn off your SPRINKLER water system and INGROUND SPRINKELRS before we arrive to set up rental.

6.Determine where all your WATER, GAS, ELECTRICAL lines are on your property. Ovation Inflatables will not be responsible for any damage to pipes or plumbing of any kind. If you don’t know, call your local Electric provide and confirm  location.

7.When renting any inflatable of any kind add at least three feet around the whole unit.

8.OVERHEAD clearance… Most units are 10-14 feet tall, be aware of trees. We need a minimum of 15 feet for all moonwalks.

9.Keep Food areas far away from each inflatable unit.

10.NO PARTY TOYS, NO SILLY STRING in or around any inflatable unit. Such toys or similar toys destroy the vinyl or fabric. This is strictly prohibited and can cause an additional cleaning fee or replacement fee. 

11.NO PETS.. Keep all pets from entering or around inflatables or slides.

12.NO SHARP OBJECTS.. remove any sharp objects before entering units. NO BELTS, NO WALLETS. Keep SHARP objects away from any inflatable.


Manufacturer Safety Rules:

1. Upon booking our services you will receive a copy of the operating manual for the specific INFLATABLE you are renting.

2. Please read and study manual for your child and your guests safety. If you have for any reason any questions during your time of rental please call 516 334 9090

3. UPON ARRIVAL & SETUP we will instruct you on specific points from the manual with you.

4. WE will walk around unit where one of  our staff memebers shows you specific rules of operation.

If you do not hire a OVATION ATTENDANT. There must be supervision of children at all times. We can’t stress how important this is.








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