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Why should we hire Ovation Inflatables?
Ovation has been in the event entertainment business with over 24 years experience. We are not a fly by night company that works out of our home. Our office is located in Carle Place, with a 24/7 run operation.  All of our attendants are professional and friendly. Ovation offers commercial grade inflatables for your FUN and Rental. If you have any questions we are there for you for your service.

Are the bounce houses and slides safe?

Yes, Yes, Yes, Just follow all the rules and regulation we provide about operating your rental. Inflatable unit must be SUPERVISED at all times and they are extremely Safe and FUN, FUN, FUN.

DO you charge for set up and delivery?
Delivery is free for all Nassau County.  We do charge an additional fee to deliver to Suffolk, Queens or Westchester.

.How long does it take to set up a Unit?
The set up and the breakdwon of our units will take 20 to 30 minutes. The person renting the Unit must be present upon delivery.

How much Power is needed?
All Units must be with in 100 foot reach of a dedicated 15 amp circuit and two separate outlet 20 amp outlets for the larger units. If you do not have electricity available we have generators to rent for an extra charge.

Does an Attendant come with my rental?
Most units do not come with Attendants. Prices do not include attendants. For an extra fee we can supply a professional Attendant.  Attendants are required for block parties, school events and corporate events.

How much space do I need for Inflatables?
Bounce houses typically require a 20x20  foot square with a clearance overhead of 20 feet. Please clean the area where we will be setting up unit. Clean all debris and waste before we arrive.

 Where can Inflatables be setup?

Any flat surface, but the best surface is level ground and on the lawn. Parking Lots, concrete, and blacktop are usually most common.  We DONOT set up on sand, because the Inflatable gets full of sand. Please let
us know what type of surface you have available for us so we can be

NO sprinklers, NO telephone cables, NO electrical lines around the perimeter of the Inflatable.
site.  Let us know at time of booking what type of surface we will be setting up on….

What happens if it rains or there is a storm?
Ovation Inflatables reserves the right to cancel a reservation at no penalty to renter if there is a storm with heavy rain or winds over 15 mph. Your safety and the operation of our units is our first concern. However once the unit is delivered there are no refunds due to bad weather.

How many Kids can go on the Bounce?
A 16x16 bounce house can hold:
-Ten to twelve children under the age of 8
-Eight children between the ages of 9 and 12
-Six children between the ages of 12 and 16
-Four adults ages 17 and older

How long can I rent the equipment?
A minimum of 4 hours to all day.  We usually rent our equipment for all day. We drop off that morning and usually pick up that evening.

Do you require a deposit to reserve our date?
A 20%  deposit is required to reserve any one of our Inflatables or other equipment.

How far in advance do I need to secure my Inflatable reservation?
 The sooner, the better. We service the Nassau, Suffok, Queens and Westchester. We also book a wide variety of repeat business. You can also book the day before your event.

What are my responsibilities as the Renter of the bounce house?

As the Renter you must assign a responsible adult (over the age of 18) to supervise the children while the bounce is in use. The assigned adult must know all of the safety rules and ensure that the rules are being enforced. You as the Renter are responsible for the safety of the children and for the care of our equipment.  There is a rental agreement that must be signed by the renter prior to start of event. A credit card is required to be held in case of damage to our equipment during the event and will be needed during time of booking.  






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